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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wei Te-Sheng has found "A Real Man aka Seediq Bale"

By Siewaun
Reference: MonkeyPeaches

Director of the very successful movie "Cape No. 7" (海角七號), Taiwanese director Wei Te-Sheng is getting ready to start his next movie titled "Seediq Bale" (which literally mean "A Real Man"), according to MonkeyPeaches.

The movie is based on a true happenings of Wushe Incident, where before the dawn of October 27, 1930, the Atayal Chief Rudao Bai who lead a group of 1200 tribal members to the biggest assault and the last rebellion against Japanese colonial forces in Taiwan. The uprising lasted for 50 days before it finally fell after the Japanese retaliated by dropping poison gas canisters from aircrafts, resulting in a massacre of Atayal tribespeople.

Vivian Hsu, aboriginal actor Umin Boya, Ma Ju-Lung and aboriginal singer actress Lo Meilin will be starring in the movie alongside non-professional aboriginal Taiwanese men and women that makes up the majority of the cast.

I suppose, director Wei has chosen to use non-professionals to add authenticity to the movie, which is a brilliant idea!

Internationally acclaimed director, John Woo, who has vast experience making war movies including "Windtalkers" and "Red Cliff" series, has been attached to executive produce the movie with Terrence Chang who previously produced the "Red Cliff" series.

A press conference was held 2 days ago at Nantou County of central Taiwan (memorial site for Wushe Incident) to mark the start of shooting.

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