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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Article: A look back at Jarhead

The owner of the Blog had mentioned to me that he had never gotten a chance to see this movie. So I wanted to write a spotlight on it. Jarhead is one of my favorite movies, and one of few that I never get tired of watching. Mostly because of it's realism in how it depicts a making and breaking of a Soldier during the first Gulf War. Let's take a look back at the 2005 film, Jarhead.
Directed: Sam Mendes
Produced by: Douglas Wick, Lucy Fisher
Written by: Timothy Lam (screenplay), Anthony Swofford (Book, based on a true story by Swofford)
Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard, Lucas Black, Jamie Foxx, Chris Cooper
Music by: Thomas Newman
Cinematography by: Roger Deakins
Editing by: walter Murch
Distributed by: Universal Pictures
Release date(s): November 4, 2005 (US)
Running time: 123 mins
Country: United States
Language: English, Arabic
Budget: 72 Million
Gross Revenue 97 Million

Jarhead is one of those films that I can't quite break down into sections and score. So I will give my opinon on it. Jarhead is known as the "Platoon" for the newer generation, and I'd have to agree. What Platoon did for the previous generation in giving them insight on the Vietnam war, Jarhead gives the viewer a personal look at the first gulf war through the eyes of Anthony Swofford.

What I liked the most about Jarhead was how honest it was. It showed you the making of a soldier, but not only that, it showed you the degeneration of a soldier's mind when immersed into a battle situation for the first time. Swofford  begins to have urges to kill or at the very least fire his rifle. And with the slow pace of the war for the ground soldiers, it left Swofford and his fellow soldiers going stir crazy, with nothing to do but wonder about their loved ones, and when they would actually get to fight.

The movie proves how difficult it can be for a soldier to adjust back into normal life after being abroad, and paints a realistic picture of a soldier better than most modern war movies.

Swofford's (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) narrative throughout the movie is also a highlight of the movie, it gives you a feeling of angst and at times confustion, and gives you an idea of Swofford's state of mind throughout the movie. Gyllenhaal does a perfect job of not only playing the roll of the real life Anthony Swofford, but also gives a good job narrating the movie.

I score this movie a perfect 50 for it's realistic depiction, it's impressive narrative, and it's general enjoyment. I would highly recommend this move to buy!

Overall score: 50 out of 50

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