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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fan Bingbing's star is glowing ever so brightly

By Siewaun

Chinese actress and singer, Fan Bingbing’s star has been glowing brightly ever since she starred as Jin Suo in the ever popular TV drama series “Huan Zhu Ge Ge”.

And she became popularly known in the international film scenes after starring in the controversial Chinese film by director Li Yu, “Lost in Beijing” (苹果). The film was banned by Chinese authorities in January 2008, even though it was successfully released internationally by French company Films Distribution.

Bingbing has a very busy schedule this year filming several high budget movies. After “Shinjuku Incident”, in which she starred alongside Jackie Chan was released in April, she starred in director He Ping’s US$6 million historical drama film “Wheat” (麦田).

She also starred in a Chinese-Korean film, “Sophie’s Revenge”(非常完美), which also starred Zhang Ziyi.

In the upcoming all-star film “Bodyguards and Assassins” (十月圍城), Bingbing will star alongside Donnie Yen, Leon Lai, Nicholas Tse, Tony Leung Ka Fai and Eric Tsang. The movie is scheduled to be released December 18 this year.

Next, she will be starring in director Wong Jing’s US$20 million sci-fi actioner “Future X-Cops” (未来警察) alongside Andy Lau.

In the latest news, it was announced that Bingbing will also be starring as the female lead opposite Nicholas Tse as the male lead, in the US$29 million budget kungfu action epic, new “Shaolin Temple”. Andy Lau, Jackie Chan and Wu Jing would also be co-starring.

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