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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Enter the Dragon

Company: Warner Bros.
Runtime: 102 Minutes (1 Hr. 42 Min.)
Martial Arts Action
Region 1
My Rating: **** out of *****
Rated: R

Do note it will contain scenes mention in the DVD from me.

This movie was to be quite the one to look into when it’s all about Bruce Lee. Which seeing his martial arts portray as it starts when he was given a mission by visiting to a mysterious island in a tournament. Where he must meets w/ Han who is the man that runs the island w/ corruption in drugs, prositutes, tournament & women died from OD in Heroin. But Bruce Lee does have to be in the tournament in order to get closer to Han. As he won’t go alone since there would be others joining in to prove themselves and win the tournament. Since Bruce does meet w/ an important person who has done some undercover role during her time.

Not w/o saying that this movie has a lot of fighting w/ simple melee weapons that doesn’t include guns. According to the story which Han forbids having guns to appear on the island. As he gotten some bad experience as well could be on the hunt for assassins. Han does seem to be a strange guy who simply enjoy seeing anybody who fights goes down in defeat or death. Kien Shih playing as Han doesn’t speak any English which in the movie you notice that somebody else doing the speaking. While that leaves him to match his mouth movements w/ the lines he is doing.

There is a small appearance of Jackie Chan who made an uncredited role as being Han’s henchman who gets a neck snapped by Bruce off-screen. Also in the story which Bruce reason for coming to the island is against Roper who being the responsible of making Bruce’s sister to cause suicide. Overall the movie was pretty good seeing how much fights really connect and there were moments that were decent. Like in the fighting scene during William vs. Han which shows women were being in a 70’s theme w/ face painted and also tattoo style art as well.

I give this movie a **** out of ***** and knowing that if you get a special edition 25th anniversary DVD which you get a bonus of 3 minutes footage. For IMO it didn’t seem much w/ at least 5 minutes or more would be better suited & the disc is dual-sided. Which it does leave in problems of smudges or dusts when you get most of the stuff (Movie & many special features) on one side. I really am disappointed w/ the U.S. trailers to be less than decent when it is almost the same w/ the introductions of the characters/actors. As those gets a one star reduction and it’s still a great movie as if you do like martial arts fighting and/or Bruce Lee? Then get this title!

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  1. This is an incredible martial arts film, and one of the best ever made, with amazing performances from Bruce Lee and John Saxon!. The fight scenes are simply phenomenal, and the story was awesome.