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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gary Ross to rewrite and direct "Venom"

By siewaun
Reference: Variety , en.wikipedia

It's very obvious that the previous script for "Venom" written by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese is thrown out the window.

Variety reports that Columbia Pictures is in talks with Gary Ross to rewrite the script for "Venom", a spin-off of Spider Man. He is to start writing the screenplay as soon as he completes his current "Spider Man 4" project.

When Venom made his/it's brief appearance previously in Spider Man 3, it's character was played by Topher Grace. But it was reported that the Venom movie will start from the scratch, and Topher Grace is unlikely to return. There will likely be a recast.

In the comics, Venom was born to a race of extraterrestrial parasites, which lived by possessing the bodies of other life-forms. The parasites would endow their victims with enhanced physical abilities, at the cost of fatally draining them of adrenaline. Spider-Man was the first host it merged with before its evil motives were clear. After Spider-Man rejected it, the symbiote went on to merge with other hosts and so began its reign as the villain known as Venom.

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