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Monday, November 2, 2009

Donnie Yen is set for "The Legend of Chen Zhen"

By Siewaun

Hong Kong action star and martial arts choreographer Donnie Yen is set to star as Chen Zhen, a Chinese martial artist famously played by Jet Li in "Fist of Legend." Taiwan actress Shu Qi and veteran Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong will be co-starring in the movie.

In the sequel movie by director Andrew Lau ("Storm Riders" and Infernal Affairs" trilogy) titled "Fist of Fury: The Legend of Chen Zhen," Yen will be playing Chen Zhen who reappears in Shanghai, seven years after his reported death.

The story, according to, continues with Chen Zhen disguising as a mysterious, wealthy entrepreneur who returned from abroad and makes a grand entrance on the Shanghai social scene by befriending a notorious mafia boss. Under the guise as a caped crusader at night, he sets out to dismantle with his martial arts skill the evil collusion that is plaguing the country. One of his foremost missions is to ferret out the assassination list prepared by the Japanese.

Gordon Chan who directed Jet Li's "Fist of Legend" back in 1994, is producing with Lau and co-wrote the script. Yen is also serving as the film’s action choreographer.

Shooting should begin very soon, and is scheduled for a 2010 release by Media Asia Films.

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