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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Director Gao Qun Shu has started shooting "Fantastic Four Detectives"

By Siewaun

Chinese director Gao Qunshu who recently co-directed world war two spy thriller "The Message," has started his new project titled "Fantastic Four Detectives" (Xi Feng Lie).

The eight lead characters are played by an all-star cast. Playing the four detectives are Duan Yihong (Detective Leopard), Wu Jing (Detective Goatherd), Ni Dahong (Detective Mastiff) and Zhang Li (Detective Yak). The two assassins are played by Francis Ng and Yu Nan. Xia Yu is playing the escape convict, and Charlie Yeung playing his girlfriend.

The movie revolves around four detectives, each with his unique traits and strengths, pursuing two escaped convicts who are all the way to the prairie, while two very experienced and skillful hired assassins keep getting in their way.

Shooting is now in progress on location at the deserts of northwestern China.

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