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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Antoine Fuqua and Spike Lee are making "Crime"

By Siewaun
Reference: Variety

Antoine Fuqua and Spike Lee will collaborate on the feature adaptation of the graphic novel "Miss: Better Living Through Crime" for Vigilante Entertainment.

John Ridley "Red Tails" is adapting from Philippe Thirault, Marc Riou and Mark Vigouroux's graphic novel, which Fuqua will direct, and Lee executive producing.

The story which is set during the early 1900s in New York revolves around two unlikely partners in crime, Enola and Slim. Enola is a poor white girl who has learned to survive by hook or by crook since being expelled from the orphanage. Slim is a black pimp with an uncertain past, trying to keep one foot out of the grave. With options running out, they forge a partnership as killers for hire.

Producing the crime thriller is Vigilante's Hicham Benkirane, while Pierre Spengler and Fabrice Giger are executive producers.

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