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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nanking Nanking opens in North America


The Chinese film "Nanking Nanking" has made its North American debut during the Toronto International Film Festival. Many audience members say they are shocked by the history and, more importantly, the film provides them a chance to learn something from the past.

Nanking Nanking's debut drew a huge audience. It was a major highlight during the Toronto International Film Festival.

Director Lu Chuan said, "Through the film, we want to express our enmity about the invasion and the invaders. More importantly, it shows the Chinese people's rethinking of wars and humanity, which is quite helpful to world peace. We also want to replay the true history to the audience in Toronto and the entire American continent."

The film replays the horrors that took place during the invasion of Nanjing 72 years ago. It enables more western audience members to witness some history about which they may have previously been unaware.

Participating in the Toronto Film Festival is Nanking Nanking's first step into the world at large.

Many audience members say that a masterpiece is never held back by culture or language. In the case of Nanking Nanking, they just want to learn about the past through the film.

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