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Friday, January 29, 2010

Ge You and Huang Xiaoming signed on for "Zhao's Orphan"

By Siewaun

Award-winning veteran Chinese actor Ge You ("To Live," "The Founding of a Republic") and rising Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming "The Founding of a Republic" have signed on to star in Director Chen Kaige's upcoming historical feature "Zhao's Orphan," according to CRI.

Ge You will star as a rural doctor by the name of Cheng Ying, who sacrificed his own son to save the newborn baby of Zhao Dun, the chancellor of the Jin Kingdom (679 B.C. -403 B.C.) whose family of 300 members are executed because of political slander.

Huang Xiaoming will star as Zhao's adult orphan who seeks revenge and successfully avenges his family.

South Korean stars Jang Dong-gun and Song Hye-kyo is in talks to join the cast. Sun Honglei "A Simple Noodle Story" is also likely to join the cast.

Shooting is expected to begin in March.

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