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Friday, March 5, 2010

Ronnie Yu casts top Asian actresses in "The Lady Generals"

By Siewaun
Reference: channelnewsasia

Director Ronnie Yu, famed for directing "The Bride With White Hair" series, is set to direct "The Lady Generals of the Yang Family," and has gathered top Asian actresses such as Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Xun, Tang Wei and Michelle Yeoh for the historical epic feature.

Orange Sky Golden Harvest Holdings Ltd and Japanese entertainment giant AVEX will fund the US$20 million movie.

The movie,which will be Yu's second mandarin spoken movie after Jet Li in "Fearless," tells the story of the women from the Yang family of Song dynasty who went to battle to avenge their warriors husbands that died while fighting the invading Xia army after being betrayed by a traitorous Song official.

According to CNA, the story will reportedly depart significantly from the series of novels it is based on and does not focus too much on the themes of loyalty. Instead, it will focus on the heroism of the titular Lady Generals.

Shooting is scheduled to begin in May, according to Orange Sky.

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