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Friday, March 12, 2010

Kim Hee-sun to star in chinese period war epic "Warring States"

By Siewaun
Reference: english.cri

South Korean actress Kim Hee-sun "The Myth," who has not starred in any movie since giving birth to her daughter in 2007, has been cast in Chinese period war epic "Warring States."

Hee-sun will star alongside the leading cast of Sun Honglei ("Blood Brothers," "A Simple Noodle Story") and Francis Ng ("Infernal Affairs II," "Tracing Shadow"). Jiang Wu "The Robbers" also stars in the movie.

Honglei and Ng will portray the historical military strategists rivals Sun Bin and Pang Juan. Hee-sun's character has not been announced, and so is Jiang Wu's.

The story plot of the epic has not been revealed yet, but Wikipedia describes that Sun Bin and Pang Juan studied under Guiguzi. They became sworn brothers, but when Sun Bin enter the service of Wei state and he became Pang's colleague, Pang who was then a military general, was secretly jealous of Sun, and framed him for treason. Sun Bin would later escape from the Wei state to the Qi state, and was appointed chief military advisor of Qi state.

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