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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Little Big Soldier" leading Box Offices during Spring Festival

By Siewaun

CRIENGLISH reports that China's box office earnings during the Spring Festival exceeded 220 million yuan (US$32.2 million) with Jackie Chan\Wang LeeHom's starrer "Little Big Soldier" taking the lead.

James Cameron's 3-D movie "Avatar" which was in its seventh week at Chinese box offices, dominated box offices in numbers of shows, viewers and tickets sold during the Spring Festival with 120 million yuan (US$17.6 million) earnings last week, with the total number of tickets sold on the Chinese mainland exceeding 1.2 billion yuan (nearly US$176 million).

"Little Big Soldier" which was released on the first day of Chinese New Year on January 14 is leading the domestic movies in the past six days.

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