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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Marco T. Giordana to direct "Piazza Fontana"

By Siewaun
Reference: Variety

Riccardo Tozzi president of Italy's production company Cattleya announced that they have hired director Marco Tullio Giordana ("The Best of Youth," "Quando sei nato non puoi piĆ¹ nasconderti") to direct a postwar political terrorism movie "Piazza Fontana" (working title).

Italian scriptwriter duo ("The Best of Youth," "Crime Novel") are writing the script based on the true event of the Piazza Fontana massacre.

The Piazza Fontana bombing was a terrorist attack that occurred on December 12, 1969, killing 17 people and wounding 88. Three more bombs were detonated in Rome and Milan later that day. The incident which was widely rumoured to be the cooperation between the Italian secret services along with United States and Nato agencies acting via recruited neofascist agents and the false-flagging of the attack on anarchic groups. That marked the beginning of the "Strategy of Tension" (Strategia della Tensione) in Italy, which resulted in more than 1,000 attacks by 1989.

Cattleya will co-produce with RAI Cinema, which the latter will distribute locally via its 01 Distribuzione. Universal Picture is in talks to distribute the movie internationally.

Shooting is scheduled to begin in August 2010. Cast have not been announced yet.

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